• Added feature in PBX system to allow automated forwarding to a separate Phone Number or Extension than the manual Forwarding Phone number or Extension
  • Bug Fixes and more! within Invoicing module and PBX module
  • Added Memo to Event reminder and better SSL compatibility for Helpdesk
  • Bug Fixes and more! within Invoicing module and PBX module
  • Added Instant Call forwarding - Phone calls within the PBX Module will now have the ability to transfer to another phone number instantaniously, instead of within 1 ring or more.
  • Added option to forward calls or stop forwarding from the phone itself by pressing *95 or *96.
  • Added Auto Forwarding - Calls can now be forwarded depending on the time of day, so you won't have to enable or disable Call Forwarding if you have the same schedule every day.
  • When creating an Invoice, you are now not required to insert a First Name if the company name is inserted
  • Bug Fixes and more! within Invoicing module and PBX module
  • Added Call Recording - Either on all calls, outgoing calls, incoming calls, or on-demand while on a call
  • Added some features within extensions
  • Added Call Groups - This will allow you to have multiple phones ring on one extension, without directly attaching that extension to a specific phone, the extension will be only for incoming calls.
  • Bug Fixes and more! within Invoicing module and PBX module
  • Added new VoIP options such as Call Center Call Queues with GUI controlled addition of Agents as well as Phone Controlled
  • Updated Music on Hold option to play different music file(s) depending on if the call is on normal hold or Waiting within the Call Center Queue.
  • Added Option to provision Polycom Phones for TFTP access
  • Added option to choose between fast and normal Invoice Emailing, since depending on some Web Server configurations, there may be some that don't support this feature
  • Added ICS file attachment to appointment emails making it easier to share scheduled appointments with customers using Microsoft Outlook
  • Bug Fixes and more!
  • VoIP PBX Phone system: Web Invoice will now have a fully integrated VoIP PBX Phone System built-in allowing you to Add and Remove Extensions, Manage IVR, Voicemails, Call forwarding, Caller ID, and a whole lot more while also offering the automated phone/email/SMS reminder system! (Only available for Linux and Requires Asterisk)
  • Email Invoices faster: Emailing an invoice is now done in a fraction of the time it used to take to authenticate SMTP email servers.
  • PHP 5.6 compatible
  • Bug Fixes and more!
  • Improved and re-designed Recurring Invoice System now allows you to quickly and easily create recurring invoices from either a Template or an Invoice in one simple step. You can also make as many recurring invoices as you want per customer, as it is now in a separate recurring preset area. This is in addition to the Legacy Recurring billing system which will still be operational for backward compatibility
  • Created Option to either enable or disable the auto credit system on a per Invoice basis
  • Option to quickly search for exact or non-exact Item Code/UPC code from within the inventory or from within an invoice item add page
  • A quicker simpler payment link within the Invoice and the Email body allows your customers to quickly and easily press the payment link within the invoice and make a payment quickly without having to sign in or even have an end-user account.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Improved Auto Credit system, solving problems of over crediting or under crediting customers
  • Created Option to either enable or disable the auto credit system on a per Invoice basis
  • Added Amount Paid column option in "all invoices" listing
  • Bug Fixes
  • Redesigned Credit and Over Payment management system, solves all problems of over crediting customers
  • Improved Purchase order system will now auto insert all items from purchase order into Invoice, saving time
  • Improved Recurring billing by increasing reliability of future invoice dates with quicker more efficient coding
  • Bug Fixes
  • Enhanced Appointment management system
  • Added option to pick which Invoice/Estimate Layout to use and easily add to that list
  • Option to Create Invoices/Appointments/Estimates to one-time customers
  • Ability to attach multiple files when emailing an Invoice
  • The customer will now have the option to request appointments from thier login page and you decide whether or not to confirm,change,cancel
  • You now have the ability to easily attach a new end-user account to an existing customer, after enabling that account. This is in addition to Having the option to create a new customer for that End-User then attaching it, or leaving the End-User account as is with no association with a Customer Account.
  • Easily Create Invoices from Purchase Orders, automatically importing all Items into the Invoice
  • Bug Fixes
  • Project Management now allows you to Add Parts and Labor into a Project just like you do with an Invoice, Yet it isnt one.
    This gives you the ability to later convert that project into an Invoice for billing purposes.
    This is Very similar to an Estimate, however, it gives you the multi-date Labor entry flexibility of an Invoice.
  • Ability to display or Hide "All Invoices" or "Invoice with a Balance" in the Customer Portal Login Page.
  • Added Business Per customer in Main earnings report, which allows you to view how much total business was received per customer, allowing you to focus on those that are more profitable.
  • Added New Time Tracking Report which breaks down and displays the total amount of time a Tech / Worker has spent per Invoice when billing on an Hourly Basis for a given date range.
  • Bug fixes and auto Statement Garbage collection of Blank Statements, which will delete blank statements a year old or over, clearing up clutter.

Web Invoice Version 10.3 Now Available!

Choose the way monthly statements appear

  • Choose to send your monthly statements including the current Statement and display a summary of the previous Invoices with a Balance, or to itemize and list all previous Invoices with a balance.
  • Bug fixes within Mass Statement Emailing and Statement Payment Center

Web Invoice Version 10.2 Now Available!!

Monthly Recurring SMS Messaging, Dynamic Recurring Invoicing and more!

  • Recurring Invoicing now supports Sending SMS (Text Messages) in addition to Emailing.
  • "Dynamic Recurring Billing System" feature now allows you to schedule and send recurring Invoices pulling Item data from an external CSV file in addition to the normal recurring invoice which pulls item data from pre defined template.
  • Barcodes can now be printed in PDF or HTML in addition to only HTML, and you can now configure page sizes and set a default setting, as well as print labels without a Barcode
  • Improved Service Requests by giving the option to seperate questions, Express, Home and Business Help Desk Tickets
  • New Warranty indicator notifies you if your customer which you're invoicing has items in warranty
  • Improved Support for IOS Devices (iPad, iPhone)
  • POS System now works with a dynamic IP Address, relying on Cookies to save POS ID Info to the specific POS Register instead of it's IP Address. This will now allow more than 1 POS register to be used in a Cloud Hosted environment.
  • New "Sign-in Once" feature allows you to stay signed in to Web Invoice without having to re-enter your username and password every time you start Web Invoice.
  • Checklist feature improved and is now also extended to Appointments in addition to Invoices
  • Bug fixes within Mass Statement Emailing and Statement Payment Center

Web Invoice Version 10.1 Now Available!

Improved Appointment Scheduling and Improved Automated reminder services

  • All new Appointment scheduling gives you the ability schedule appointments while looking at a full calendar and view what has already been scheduled by a specific worker, minimizing overlaps.
  • Improved automated Appointment reminder service will remind your customers before thier appointment date and time minimizing no shows and Personal Reminder Popups.
  • All new 2-way communications between you and your customer allows your customer to reply to the automated reminder to either confirm, cancel or request change via Phone call, SMS or Email.
  • Automated message system also extends to the customer directory, which will allow you to send mass Phone/SMS/Email General alerts or invitations to your customers and receive a response of yes, no or maybe.
  • Improved Statement generation, Added feature which solves the problem of "out of sequence Invoicing" which is caused by an Invoice being in progress then closed after another invoice is created.
  • Bulk Hourly rate labor change: Allows you to change hourly rates of all Cusomters in 1 click
  • Added Support for TLS and STARTTLS Protocols in addition to SSL, for SMTP Email Servers, allowing you to send Email through a more secure SMTP server such as Hotmail/Outlook.com/Office365
  • Many Bug fixes making Web Invoice More stable, reliable and intuitive

Web Invoice Version 10 is now Released!!

Asset Management and more!

  • Web Invoice 10 now gives you the ability to Manage your customer's Company Assets and Warranty Info and Status
  • Improved Automated reminder system, will call, Email, SMS your customers on events such as bill reminder, or appointments or any general reminder, on a recurring basis.
  • Improved Expense Report and Improved Earnings Report shows you exactly how much money you're earning after expenses are deducted
  • Improved Barcode Printing Page now allows your to set and store presets for different sized paper to print barcodes
  • Improved Expense code tracking for Invoices, Inventory and Estimates
  • Improved Unique serial tracking for Invoices, Estimates and POS allows you to track serial numbers for each item sold

Web Invoice Version 9.9 is now Released!!

Improved Expense report and Item Expense Entry

  • Web Invoice 9.9 gives you the ability to add Expense Codes to each Item/Part you enter into an Invoice in Addition to the general Expense Entry List for that Invoice
  • Improved Expense Report and Improved Earnings Report shows you exactly how much money you're earning after expenses are deducted
  • Bug Fixes and Patches to Improve reliability of Recurring Invoices

Web Invoice Version 9.8 is now available!!

Improved Help Desk, Automated Recurring Reminders, Expense Tracking and More!

  • Improved Help Desk system, making service requests easier and more customizable than ever before!
    Now your customer can Enter in multiple Attachments when creating a new service Request
  • Improved Incoming Email allows you to read emails from Android and IOS
  • All New Auto Bill, Appointment and Subscription Reminder System will Call/Email/SMS your customers after Invoice due date has been reached, when thier Appointment is approaching or when thier subscription is about to expire on a One-time or Recurring Basis
  • All New Expenses area for Invoice and Report - Keep better track of your expenses on an Invoice basis for Tax Time
  • Take control over what your Customers see - Customizable Customer Portal allows you to Enable or Disable what your customer sees when they login
  • Choose from 9 Different Page sizes when Emailing or Printing PDF Invoices and Statements
  • In addition to Managing Customers, there is now a Leads area in which you can manage Leads and convert them to Customers
  • The shopping Cart/Store feature, now has a configuration which allows you to change how many items per shopping cart/store page
  • Many System otimizations and bug fixes

Web Invoice Version 9.7 is now Released!!

Improved Serial number options

  • Insert Item Serial Numbers into Estimates, POS Tickets,
  • Auto Prompting option to insert Item serial numbers when inserting from Barcode Scanner

Web Invoice Version 9.6 is now Released!!

Track Items by Serial number and Create Purchase Orders

  • Insert Item Serial Numbers into Invoice Item List allowing you to now better track the price and cost of Items being sold.
  • Create Purchase Orders and automatically refill Stock levels in Intentory when fulfilled.
  • Date Field in Item List in Invoice allowing you to set a date per itemized labor

Web Invoice Version 9.5

Brand New Modern Graphical User Interface with VoIP Phone Blasting Integration

  • Brand new Modern Graphical Interace providing a richer user experience making Web Invoice easier and clearer to use than ever before!
  • VoIP Phone Blasting, SMS and Email services which will allow you to make phone calls, send mass phone blasts, Email Blasts and SMS Blasts to 1 customer or to as many as selected right away or Schedule for a later Date in addition to many other advanced features!
  • Insert Model, Serial number, cust notes, zone information into the Invoice
  • Barcodes displayable within the Invoice and printable from Inventory in either UPC-a Format or Code39
  • Photo Insertable into customer Data within Cusomter List
  • Accept a Bulk Payment to a Selectable list of Invoices allowing you to choose which invoices to make payment to, in addition to the current option allowing payment towards ALL Invoices at Once
  • Create Customer Groups, Send Phone Voice message, Email, SMS to a specified group of Customers
  • Bug Fixes and many other Improvements

Web Invoice Version 9.2

Improved Statments, Credit Notes and Aging Debtors/Receivables report

  • Web Invoice 9.2 Improves on Monthly statements as well as the ability to give credit notes and refunds to customers, and view your aging Debtors report.
  • Also, you now have the option to set a date of the month for statements as well as invoices as a default setting, which will dynamically set the due date to the next month of the monthly statement. This allows you to set a date on a customer basis and never forget.

Web Invoice Version 9.1

Full POS and Shopping Cart System

  • Web Invoice 9.1 will turn your Invoicing software into a full blown POS System, This allows you to make everyday POS transactions for your service center or store.
  • Also, A full shopping cart system for your current website which can integrate into Web Invoice's Inventory system for your e-commerce needs.

Web Invoice Version 9.0

SSL support for outgoing SMTP server

  • Web Invoice 9.0 provides support for SSL smtp servers. This now allows you to use gmail's SMTP server to
    send invoices
  • Also, enhanced helpdesk ticketing features such as OS, Machine Type, file storage quotas and a whole lot more.
  • You now have the ability to attach a file when sending an Invoice or Statement to your customer.
    Finally, you now have the option to add a surchage to your Invoice. This is useful when you're required to charge more for credit card processing.

Web Invoice Version 8.8

Improved Time Tracking and recurring billing

  • Web Invoice 8.8 provides a more user friendly and efficient time tracking system which will allow you to track all labor and organize it efficiently. This is done by attaching each hourly labor to a certain date which helps greatly when the job has not been completed in one day.
  • The Recurring billing feature now includes auto emailing of statements in addition to the auto emailing of Invoices. Enhancements to the interface featuring a cleaner more logical way to pull features within the Invoice Data Page.

Web Invoice Version 8.7

Improved Recurring Billing

  • Web Invoice 8.7 will provide Auto Recurring Billing System (ARBS) which will allow you to specify auto Invoice Creation and Emailing on a Customer Basis, which is an improvement to the Recurring Billing system already in place, which was a reminder system that featured a one-step manual Invoice creation pulling data from a Template

Web Invoice Version 8.6

Improved Graphics and optional UPC Code within Items in Invoice

Web Invoice Version 8.5

Improved Credit card and PayPal Integration

Web Invoice Version 8.4

Proforma Invoice and Enhanced Contract options!

  • Web Invoice 8.4 Now Supports Proforma Invoices which is an enhancement to Estimates.
  • Also, Enhanced Contract options for Service Contracting which will allow you to assign a certain amount of hours per Contract and have it automatically deducted upon invoice creation and hour changes which are attached to that Contract.

Web Invoice Version 8.3

PayPal Payment Option!

  • Web Invoice 8.3 Now Fully integrates PayPal as a payment Option in Addition to the Credit Card Payment Option Already Available

Now Available in Version 8.2!

Adjustable Date format, Personal Prices/Discounts and more!

  • Web Invoice 8.2 will allow you to configure the Default Date Format for Invoices and throughout the System. You'll have the option to Choose from 3 different Date formats such as dd-mm-yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy and yyyy-mm-dd.
  • Also, an enhancement to the Inventory system, which will give the ability to not only give Personal Prices, but also Personal Discounts to Selected Customers.
  • Auto Markup calculation of price/Cost in Inventory and in Specific Parts and Labor.
  • Editable Invoice Breakdown Wording on Bottom of Invoice
  • Advanced Search Capabilities on Closed and In-Progress Invoices. A 3rd Search criteria has been added which allows you to narrow down your search of past Invoices within seconds.

Web Invoice Online Hosted Edition

  • Now Enjoy the Use of Web Invoice 100% online without having to install any software on your Computer or build your own Server.
  • Leave the Hosting to us, We'll take care of the Backups and offer SSL security.
  • Use Web Invoice when ever You want where ever you want.
  • Best for Service Calls and Remote Billing and Invoicing, allowing you to have a True centralized Database.

Better way of Making Payments and more! in Version 8.1

  • The Customer will now have the option to Log in to Web Invoice and View a Statement and have the ability to Make a Credit Card Payment of a single invoice, or multiple Invoices at once using the NEW Pay Statement Option
  • Also, Billing reminders will now have the option to either remind you every month, or remind you every Interval of months you choose.
  • Plus, the option to now add Attachments to the Customer Data Page, rather than only to Invoices and Estimates.
  • Keep Better track of Sent Statements, by having Statements automatically saved when Emailed to a customer to the Attachment area of the Customer data Page

Credit Card Processing support in Version 8.0

  • Ability to receive payments from your Customers VIA Credit Card processing within Web Invoice.
  • The customer will just need to log into thier account in Web Invoice, click on View Invoices with a Balance, and Insert thier Credit Card information.
  • Within seconds, if the Credit Card is confirmed, the payment will be processed on the Credit Card Company's side and also within Web Invoice, Automatically!
  • Saving you the time of collecting payments and manually processing them into the system.

PDF Emailing Support and Enhanced Billing in 7.913

  • Ability to Send Invoices in an email via attached PDF Document or html Email.
  • Ability to change the size (in Pixels) of the Data Page of Invoices, Templates, Estimates and Appointments. This is useful if you have a wide screen and don't want the data scattered across the screen.
  • Ability to create Custom Reports, simply create the php file and place it in the reports directory. (if upgrading from 7.88, create the directory first)
  • Enhanced Monthly Billing reminder, which reminds you when to bill a customer with a Contract, and gives you the option to create an Invoice on the fly, from a Template. This allows you to quickly create recurring Invoices using the recurring billing feature within seconds.
  • Added option to Insert Statement Comments within the Customer Data Section.
  • Made it easier to Mass Email All Customers, which is now located within the Customer Directory.
  • Made it easier to Mass email All customers a Statement, which is now located in the New enhanced Customer Directory area, which only displays Customers who have a Balance.
  • Bug fixes

Mass Emailing of Statements in Version 7.8.8

  • Web Invoice now gives you the option to send statements to all Customers who have a Balance Due.
  • This is an addition to the feature previously available which sent Invoices to customers with a balance due.
  • Keep track of your Printed and Emailed Invoices & Improved Mass Email feature in Version 7.8.8
  • Web Invoice automatically attaches the Invoice which was printed or Emailed into your attachments area. This allows you to view the Invoice which you have given to the customer exactly the way it was at that time.
  • In addition, Now you can Send mass Emailings to all email addresses within a CSV file, instead of only sending to your Current Customers.

2 Additional Security Rights Levels in Version 7.8

  • Allows you to Select In-House Tech or Dispatcher Books. This gives the Tech options to create tickets In-Store and Deal with Invoices which arent Only assigned to them, and allows the Dispatcher to look at the Books in Book Keeping.
  • POS Customer Tab for Version 7.8
  • Allows you to Add a POS Purchase to a customer after the POS ticket has already been completed, allowing you to Keep a tab on POS Customers for a Future Payment

Automatic SR Open in Version 7.8

  • Allows you to set a date where a Closed, Awaiting Response or Responded Service Request will automatically change status to Open

Fully Automated Email Receiver in Version 7.75.1

  • Now you can schedule to receive Emails even when Web Invoice is not being used.
    This will allow your system to constantly receive Emails in order to create service requests alerting you of any emergency

LDAP/ Active Directory Integration for Version 7.75

  • Now you can Import End-Users from your LDAP/ Windows Domain Server Active Directory and have the option for Users to be Authenticated directly from the LDAP/Active Directory instead of Web Invoice.
    This will allow End-Users to login to Web Invoice using the Same password as thier normal Windows Login

Mark Whether or not an Item in for Repair has been picked up in Version 7.7

  • Now you can Mark inside the Invoice whether or not the Item in for repair has been given back to the Customer,allowing you to keep better track of your repair jobs

Time Zones and easier and fast Invoice/ Appointment/ Estimate Entry in Version 7.68

  • Now you can adjust the server Time zone and your local Time zone within Web Invoice, if your server is not local. This will enable you to keep normal local time where ever you go or where ever Web Invoice is Hosted

SMS Texting Support For Version 7.66

  • Now you can Send SMS Messages to Customers, End-Users and Workers automatically when changing the status of a Service request or manually at anytime.

Time Tracking Feature For Version 7.66

  • Now you can Manage and Track The time you spend working on an Invoice by adding hours to your Work in Progress. Each 'Time Spent' Entry can be attached to a different Date with notes.
    Now, you can keep track of how much work was done at a given day per Invoice.

for Download, Version 7.66

  • Improved POS System and Book Keeping allows you to manage All Funds between your Bank Accounts and
    Cash Registers
    You also have the option of transferring Funds.
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